Agistment options & pricing

​Hadden Farm is supervised 24 hours, 7 days a week.  Horses are checked daily and we have local veterinary services on call.  Farrier services are regularly provided and charged to your account.  All horses entering Hadden Farm must be current with all vaccinations i.e S&T injections, and wormed prior to or on arrival to the farm. 

Wash bay and round yard facilities are available for your use (see photo gallery).

All daily rates in paddocks and yards include vitamin / mineral blocks. Pricing is valid from 1st November 2019.

Paddock agistment

$10 per day

(grass only - shared paddock)

This option provides a choice of various size paddocks with horses being placed according to sex, age and temperament. 

​$14.50 or $18.50 per day

(one or two biscuits of hay per day)

Horses requiring hay are grouped together in designated paddocks.

$19 or $23 per day

(one or two hard feeds and hay)

Horses requiring feeds are grouped together in designated paddocks.

All paddocks have horse sight wire with electric stand offs. Paddocks have abundant natural shelter with natural water and dam sources.

Young stock at Hadden Farm can be difficult to place, and must be hard fed - please call or email us to discuss options and availability.


Individual yards

$26 per day

This includes two hard feeds (am and pm) and hay depending on the horses requirements.  Rugging and unrugging is included as necessary.

These yards are approximately a quarter of an acre in size, with a large amount of grass pick.

All yards have brick shelters with auto waterers and horse sight wire with electric stand offs.

For older horses, we do have the option of feeding Gumnuts feed, taking the price to $28 per day.


$35 per day

This includes two hard feeds (am and pm) and hay depending on the horses requirements. 

Our stables are roomy, brick, well ventilated and have auto waterers.  Bedding consists of shavings and all stables are cleaned out daily.


$50 per day

This is for a stable at night and yard during the day, with 2 hard feeds and hay.