Hadden Farm staff

Hadden Farm has been operating under the same ownership for over 30 years and our staff work tirelessly to ensure that your horses are given the best of care every day.

Bree Taaffe - Farm Manager

Bree is the daughter of the owners, Neil & Darcy Shedden and was brought up on Hadden Farm. Her role is to manage the enquiries, bookings and accounts and, assisted by her father, ensures the overall smooth running of the property.  She moved back onto the property 7 years ago and lives in the main house, with her children, Josh & Heidi.



Samantha Groger  - Horse carer

Sami has lived on Hadden Farm for most of her life, she is the daughter of Meik & Trish.  She has grown up caring for horses and cattle from a very young age. Sam works full time on the farm with her main responsibility being the feeding and caring of the horses, and maintanence of the horse yards and facilities.


Meik & Trish Groger - Staff Members

Meik has lived and worked on Hadden Farm for over 20 years.  He knows the property like the back of his hand.  Meik & Trish assist with the maintenance of the farm, the machinery and help care for the livestock. Trish has a passion for our Black Angus cattle herd.  Meik & Trish live on Hadden Farm with their daughters, Samantha & Nicole.